About Ireland Collegiate

The Ireland Esports Collegiate Series, powered by Nativz, aims to nurture talent across the Irish esports landscape by creating a robust first step on an esports pathway for players, coaches, content creators and administrators. This initiative benefits from the invaluable expertise of Nativz Gaming, Dublin’s Original Esports business, a trailblazer in fostering the growth of esports across Ireland.

Series Format and Titles

The Ireland Esports Collegiate Series is made up of 8 weeks of games and play-offs, followed by a final’s day in the Winter Semester. This is repeated again in the Spring Semester. Students will register to play in one or more of six titles in the Series which are; League of Legends, VALORANT, Counter-Strike 2, Rocket League, Formula 1 and EA Sports FC.

Collegiate Challenge

Across these games each University and College will generate points from their respective teams in each title they are represented. These points will determine the overall table. The top two institutions will then compete in the Ireland Esports Collegiate Challenge fielding a team in each title, the culmination of the series that will determine who the top University or College is for the academic year.

Building Pathways

This can be seen from the success SETU Esports achieved having won the 2023 Collegiate Rocket League title before going on to represent Ireland at the 2023 World Rocket League Championships in Dallas, USA back in June this year.

Powered by Nativz, Dublin’s Original Esports Organisation

Nativz is a pioneering force in the Irish esports industry, empowering gaming communities and competitions with cutting-edge technologies and support. It is committed to nurturing talent and pushing the boundaries of esports, driving the industry forward.

In addition to the Ireland Esports Collegiate Series, Nativz is a well-respected presence in the Northern European League of Legends community. Playing in the NLC 1st Division, the First Team were the 2023 Summer Split Champions and finished 6th in the 2023 Summer EMEA Masters.

Find out more about Nativz Gaming here and see the Ireland Collegiate team online here.